Ford Takes The World by Storm with the Launch of the 1965 Mustang

1965 Mustang in Review


The 1965 Mustang was one of the greatest successes in automotive history. The car was not revolutionary in the sense that it was based on a standard uni-body chassis and a V8 block whose origins go back at least a decade before the launch of the car. The car used many of the components of the sedate Ford falcon, which was a mid sized family car. The success of the '65 Mustang can be attributed to three things:

1- All new styling ... the short rear deck and long hood gave the car sleek, clean lines that departed from the 'three square' almost equal hood, roof and trunk proportions of it's contemporaries.

2- Option Offerings ... dealers offered a menu of options to dress up and personalize a Mustang. Customers could walk into the dealer and drool over a long list of assessorieds that ranged from convenience and comfort items such as factory air conditioning, padded visors and remote cable operated mirrors to performance packages like the GT group, or the K code 271 HP engine option .

3- Extensive Advertising campaign ... Ford launched an extensive ad campaign on all the major television networks, in magazines and newspapers.

The Ford Mustang has a strong following to this day, and makes a great first collector car. You can purchase a decent, roadworthy coupe for about $12,000 USD. 1965 - 1968 Convertibles and Fastback Mustangs can be found for $26,000 and up.

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The Ford dealer advertising campaign exclaimed that the "Mustang was designed to be designed by you!" You can make yours a family Mustang, a sports Mustang, and all-out luxury Mustang, or your own personalized version with a little of each. There are over 70 Mustang options to help you. Design your Mustang and see your Ford Dealer. It's fun and you'll be surprised how little it costs

Option list included these items.....



  • 200-hp Challenger V-8
  • 225-hp Challenger Special V-8
  • 271-hp Challenger High Performance V-8*


  • 3-Speed Cruise-O-Matic
  • 4-Speed Manual


Power Equipment:

  • Power Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Power Top (Convertible) - Black, White or Tan


  • Interior Decor Group (detailed pg. 10-11)
  • Deluxe Steering Wheel
  • Vinyl Roof Covering (Hardtop) - Black or White
  • Deluxe Wheel Covers with Knock-Off Hubs
  • Styled Chrome-Plated Steel Wheels (14-inch)
  • Wire-Style Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off Hubs (14-inch)
  • Accent Paint Stripe and Rocker Panel Molding Package**
  • White Sidewall Tires





  • GT Equipment Group (detailed pg. 14-15)
  • Rally Pac (tachometer and clock combination)
  • Special Handling Package (with V-8's) - includes heavy-duty suspension and 22 to 1 overall steering ratio
  • Front Disc Brakes (with V-8's)
  • Red Band Sidewall Tires (14-inch)
  • Vinyl Tonneau Cover (Convertible)


  • Console (two styles as illustrated below)
  • Push-Button AM Radio
  • Ford Air Conditioner
  • Backup Lights
  • Tinted Windshield
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Visibility Group - includes remote-control outside mirror (shown below), day/night inside mirror, 2-speed wipers and washer




  • Full-Width Seat with Center Arm Rest (Hardtop, Convertible)
  • Remote-Control Deck Lid Release
  • Rear Seat Speaker (Hardtop, 2+2)
  • Studio-Sonic Sound System (Hardtop, 2+2)
  • Parking Brake Warning Light
  • Compass
  • Door Edge Guards
  • Outside Mirrors including Racing Type
  • Floor Mats
  • Windshield Washers
  • Rear Seat Belts
  • Spotlight
  • Glove Box Lock
  • 14-Inch Low-Profile Tires and Wheels (with Six)
  • Rocker Panel Moldings
  • Heacy-Duty Battery
  • Limited-Slip Differential and many more.


  • Padded Sun Visors (standard on Fastback)
  • Deluxe Color-Keyed Seat Belts with Retractors
  • Emergency Flasher (parking and taillights)

Dealer Invoice

Original Dealer Invoice listing options on this 1965 Mustang Coupe, below .


1965 Mustang Coupe






The Mustang was initially available in the Convertible or Coupe body (April 1964). The Fastback (below) was available 5 months later.


1965 Mustang Fastback


Mustang Fastback picture

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